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Shortcuts To Your Online Business!
(This Powerful eBook Is Free With The Jon Boat To Bass Boat Printed Book)

Thank you for your interest in my new book! I want you to know that this book includes all the powerful information and shortcuts necessary to insure that you have a successful online business of your own and fast! You will avoid the time delays and expenses most people have toward getting your own successful online business established.

Even If You Don't Plan An Online Business
This Book Is Valuable To You!

Just read through the screen-shot of the Table Of Contents below and see how much this valuable info will improve your computer usage and more.

This valuable eBook comes free only with the Jon Boat To Bass Boat printed book and it is worth the small investment by itself! You see other books that detail how to get an online business going but they're VERY expensive and they aren't in common, every day, down-to-earth terms the way this book is. A screen-shot of the Table Of Contents is below so you can see for yourself!

Since we first launched this website (MyJonBoat.com), people have been calling with questions of all kinds. They want to know how we were able to get our book published, how we were able to start accepting credit cards, how we are able to get traffic to our site, how much we make, and just about everything concerned with a successful online business.

You Will Avoid All The Time Delays And Expenses

All the answers are in this eBook! You will avoid all the time delays and expenses that go with setting up your business and you can be making money with your own eBook or product WAY faster than you think. It literally took us two years to get everything set up back in 1997 -1998. Now, YOU don't have to spend so much time and expense. This eBook will guide you through all the different aspects of getting your online business going in short order.

Just Look At What You Get In This Book!
(Screen-Shot From eBook - Links Are Disabled Here)

Table Of Contents
Shortcuts To Your Online Business!

1). How To Use This eBook

2). How To Set Up Your Business Computer And Related Equipment
                How to properly set up your computer for business
                How to keep computer crashes from ruining your business
                How to back up everything in your computer, not just "My

                How to navigate within your computer to work more efficiently
                DVD or CD? Which is best for your business?
                How power backups work, how to use them properly, and why you need

                Fax and copy machine info to save you problems!
                Why you should your scanner for more than just a scanner
                About printers - and printing tips

3). Virus And Spyware Info
             How virus's are sent over the Internet and how to avoid them
                The more common file types used to hide virus's
                How to use popular Internet websites to scan for virus's
                Where does spyware come from?
                How to "clean" your computer for privacy and security
                All about Internet "cookies"

4). How To Set Up Your Business Communications
                How to have the best home/office telephone set up
                How to get the most from your cell phone for business
                How to get the most from your answering machine
                How to get the most from your 800 number

5). How To Get The Most From Your Email
             General email tips
How to use email autoresponders to generate more business
                How to use email si
gnatures properly to generate more business
                How to avoid spam

6). How To Interface With Your Customers
                How To Deal With Customers for repeat business and how to handle
                "people problems"
                The best guarantee to generate more sales
                How shipping can generate more sales

The hours you should consider for your home based business

7). How To Write AND SELL Your Own eBook
                The main requirement for success
                Before you write an eBook you need to do this
                Hints for the best eBook compiler program
                How to get started writing your eBook in your computer
                The most common eBook html codes
                An eBook inspiration
                How to promote your eBook for maximum sales

8). About Your Website
                How to purchase your domain name so problems don't arise later
                How to use the "whois" tool for domain name information
                How you can save with an html "splash" page (the next best thing to a
                full-blown website)

                Web hosting with remote software versus local
                How to set up your website online
                The best selling format for your website
                About reducing images for faster loading
                How to get Internet traffic to your website
                Why you should only use website email
                About satellite Internet connections

9). How To Easily Accept Credit Cards Online
                The Most Inexpensive Way To Accept Credit Cards
                Where to get an affordable shopping cart (FREE)
                Why you need a shopping cart
                How To Talk To Your Customers When Taking Credit Card Info
                An Easy To Use Form For Taking Telephone Orders

10). How To Write Your Own html
                html simplified so you could teach it to your children!
                html codes or "commands" and the results
                Here are all the codes you need to write professional pages for your
                book or website

11). Search Engine Secrets
                The main search engine secret revealed
                How to use keywords so your website gets the most exposure
                About paying companies for search engine ranking...why you shouldn't
                Search Engine Hot Tip for getting customers who are looking for YOUR

                Should you use pay-per-click?
                How to use the reverse search engine to find your best keyword meta
                tags and more!

12). eBay Strategies
                How we started with our first book
                A good idea became a GREAT idea
                The early pitfalls on eBay
                Using eBay to test your market
                eBay strategies to help you sell sell sell!

13). Auction Info
                The basic format of a successful auction and an example for you to use
                The html to support the successful auction page

14). About Digital Cameras, DVD's, MP3's & More
             Getting the most from your digital camera
                Reducing picture file size for faster downloading so your customers
                don't wait
                How to purchase the DVD you need!
                How to get the most from MP3's

15). How Our Online Business Evolved
             From the beginning
Our first products
Always make a prototype
Unforeseen problems
                Unforeseen expenses
                About packaging
                Mistakes We Made
                How much do we make in an average month?

16). Glossary Of Computer Terms
             Informative glossary of over 100 computer terms

17). Free "85 NewHealthyTips" eBook Download
An extensive and lengthy eBook which details Eighty-five GREAT health
                tips to share with your friends and family

18). Free "Intriguing Facts Of Life" eBook Download
You'll laugh and cry while reading this enormous eBook and feel free to
                share this with your friends and family

19). Free "Bassin' Buddies" eGreeting Card Program
Humorous, reprintable greeting cards to share with friends from now on!

20). "Press On"
                An Inspiration For Success

21). "Attitude"
                A Guide To Live By Every Day

22). "Obstacles"
                How To Meet A Challenge

23). About Us
              About us, the Magness' and our business's

You May Not Realize The Potential Of Your Idea!

That's right! You may not realize the potential of your idea. We sure didn't. Think about it, we were going to spend a lot of money to get our book online for guys (and, as it turns out, GALS), who want to fix up their jon boat. It seemed like such a small market.

Well guess what. If you'll think about it, almost everybody you ever knew has had a jon boat they are going to fix up someday. AND, it turns out that young people are always growing up (and always will be), who need a book like ours. This will be an ongoing thing for us from now on and your idea can be the same! As I said, "you may not realize the potential of your idea."

Your Idea Can Be BIG!

YOUR idea can be BIG too. You may not be able to see that right now, just as we couldn't, but with this book you can find out if your idea can be profitable with the very least amount of expense! You will save money, time, and trouble on your way to success!

Are There Any "Extras" In This eBook?.You Bet!
You Get THREE "Extras!"

FIRST: You get "Eighty-Five NewHealthyTips." An extensive and lengthy eBook download which details Eighty-five GREAT health tips to share with your friends and family PLUS, this eBook will give you great ideas about how to format YOUR eBook.

SECOND: You get "Intriguing Facts Of Life And Health." You'll laugh and cry while reading this enormous eBook and feel free to share this with your friends and family. One of the best health downloads available today! This is an additional format to consider for YOUR eBook!

THIRD: You get "The Amazing Benefits Of Emu Oil." Our huge and popular eBook from our sister-site EmuOilDepot.com (opens separate window). It is for certain that you know lots of people who can benefit greatly from emu oil.

Is This eBook Safe To Download?

You bet! My eBooks have been downloaded since 1999!  If you would like info about how this eBook works and the more common file types used to hide viruses, etc., click here. I've included an entire page on my web-site to explain file types, etc. I assert that my files are perfectly safe to download and have been since 1998.

It's Easy To Navigate THIS eBook!

Navigating your eBook is easy. First of all, this eBook works just like a website, it needs nothing else to run it. You simply double-click on the downloaded file and your eBook opens! Both the Free PREVIEW eBook AND the expanded version of the eBook work this way. In fact, ALL our eBooks work this way!

Just click the page you want and you're instantly there!

This eBook even has its own internal search engine! Just click the "search" box at the top of the page you're on and enter your search info! If you click on a link to view another page, just click your "BACK" button and you'll instantly return to the exact place you were!

This eBook Is Completely Printable
One Page At A Time If You Like!

PRINTING TIP: Just hi-lite the text you want to print. Right click on it and scroll to "print." Under "Page Range", click "selection." ONLY the highlighted text will be printed! By the way, this option will also work on email!

All pages, are printable (even one page at a time if you like)! You can change the size of the print in your eBook just by clicking on "view", "fonts", and click on the print size of your choice.

  Your 54 Page "Jon Boat To Bass Boat" Printed Book Includes:

1). The Photo/Album CD with modified graphics & schematic drawings.
2). The "Jon Boat To Bass Boat" eBook download so you can get started NOW!
3). "Bassin' Buddies" Humorous Greeting Card Program (inside the eBook on CD!).
4). "The Amazing Benefits Of Emu Oil" eBook (also right on the Photo/Album CD!). You and your family now have a NATURAL method of treating most any health issue!
5). All the extras that are beyond just converting your boat. Two pages of tips and shortcuts along with info for a boat cover, a portable jon  boat launch, a REAR DECK even with tiller steering, and much more!
6). Our new and powerful eBook "Shortcuts To YOUR Online Business."

Preview eBook: "Shortcuts To YOUR Online Business"
Even If You Don't Plan An Online Business This Book Is Valuable To You!
Click Here
You Go Direct To My Download File. No eMailing, No Waiting!
Only takes 40 seconds on a 56k connection.

With my guarantee, you cannot lose! All Our Books Are Unconditionally Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

During your conversion you save about a thousand dollars a day versus buying a factory rig. All for only $39.95! I Pay Shipping For Your Printed Book & Photo Album/CD!

We Accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, & PayPal

Our Shopping Cart Is Fast And Easy!


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